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Kinesiology is defined as the science dealing with the interrelationship of the physiological processes and anatomy of the human body with respect to movement.

In our world, this means that we talk about everything that involves movement.

Exercise, health and fitness, anatomy and physiology, exercise, strength and conditioning, psychology, coaching, sports… the topics are ENDLESS.

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EP 13 Dane Bartz – CSCS /Linked-Fit | Online Training, Autonomic Nervous System, Recovery

Dane Bartz is a Strength and Conditioning Coach based out of Michigan and is the founder of Linked-Fit. Dane earned his Masters in Exercise Physiology and is currently pursuing his Doctorate of Philosophy in Human and Sports Performance from Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions.

Linked-Fit is an online personal training service that provides assessments and custom programming for all individuals seeking their health and fitness goals. Through this platform Dane and his team communicate with their online clients to help and assist their exercise routines and manage how they recover.

In this episode Dane also discusses some of the topics from his NSCA MO State Clinic back in April, primarily talking about the Autonomic Nervous System and Recovery Strategies. With this comes training considerations for Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE), and overall stress management.

For more information on Dane Bartz’ training and coaching you can visit the website at https://www.linked-fit.com

Facebook- @linkedfit

Instagram – @linkedfit

Instagram – @danebartz

EP 12 Travis Barrett – CSCS/ Evolution Athletics| Defining Sports Specificity

Travis Barrett is a Strength and Conditioning coach based out of Lawrence, Kansas at Evolution Athletics. He went to school at Ball State University and earned his Masters in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from Indiana University Bloomington.

Travis did an internship with the Indiana Pacers and was also the Director of Sports Performance at Haskell University.

In this episode we discuss Strength and Conditioning and his perspective on Sports Performance. In the second half of the show we discuss the true meaning behind “Sports Specific” and how he goes about programming for his young athletes at Evolution Athletics.

To contact Coach Barrett you can find him on Instagram @tbarrettfitness

To learn more about Evolution Athletics you can visit their website at https://evolutionathletics.net/

Instagram @evolutionathletics1

Email: coach@evolutionathletics.net

EP 11 Matthew St. John – DPT/ CSCS | Cross paths of Physical Therapy and Strength & Conditioning

Matthew St. John is a Physical Therapist and Strength & Conditioning Specialist who practices his clinical work using both backgrounds with his patients. Matthew graduated with his Bachelors in Kinesiology from Avila University and earned his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Rockhurst University.

As a former football player he enjoys working with athletes but also works with general population patients at Liberty Hospital Sports Medicine in Liberty, MO.

In this episode we kick things off talking about his experiences going through Physical Therapy School and how he has applied various Kinesiology topics into his practice. We also discuss injury prevention and rehabilitation and how he goes about assessing and evaluating patients referred to him by Orthopedic doctors.

If you’re a student looking into a possible career in Physical Therapy feel free to reach out to Matthew and ask everything PT! If you are someone in need of Physical Therapist you can contact him with the media listed below.

Instagram @mstj_dpt

Twitter @stj51

Email matthewstj51@gmail.com

EP 10: Emily Rotert (DPT- Concussion Management)

Emily Rotert is a Physical Therapist who is also certified in Concussion Management. In this episode we discuss the career in Physical Therapy and the day-to-day operations working in the clinic environment.

In regards to Concussion Management, Emily tells us about how she works with her patients dealing with concussion symptoms as well as the principles of Vestibular-Ocular Therapy.

The Vestibular system is our inner ear while our Ocular is our vision, two sensory inputs that give our brain information about what our body is doing space. When it comes to Concussion symptoms, this is a great start to see what the brain is dealing with and how our body might compensate for basic tasks.

If you are an aspiring Physical Therapy student or someone looking for PT treatment, you can contact Emily via email at rotertemily@gmail.com

EP 9: Justin Magallanez – Creatin’ Monsters – S&C (M.S Exercise Science)

Justin Magallanez (aka Coach JMagz) is a Strength and Conditioning coach who works with many athletes in collegiate and professional sports organizations through his brand Creatin’ Monsters.

He studied Exercise Science and Biomechanics at Azusa Pacific University and University of Colorado Boulder. Along with his S&C work he is also a Master Trainer at Vertimax, Physiotherapist Sponsored Coach with Jordan Brand, and teaches Biomechanics at Cerritos College.

In this episode we talk about his methods for S&C and how he goes about assessments for every athlete he works with. Through his line of work he has gotten to train a number of NFL, MLB, collegiate, and high school athletes, thus Creatin’ Monsters all around the world.

Here we also discuss some of the key components to training athletes to not only improve athletic performance but also in providing corrective exercises to improve movement flaws through training.

If you would like to contact Coach Magallanez you can find him on

INSTAGRAM @cm_jmagz and on TWITTER @coachjmags


EP 8: Michael Adriano – Power Lifting (B.S Kinesiology)

Michael Adriano earned his Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology and has been in competitive Power Lifting in local Kansas City events. In this episode Mike talks about the basics of Power Lifting and his experiences in training for competitions.

In his training he incorporates Strength and Conditioning principles tracking all lifts and programming with a major emphasis on Progressive Overload. Mike also discusses some of his strategies for competition by adjusting Volume and Intensity with his programs.

In other notes, we also discuss the mental aspects of training and how much he values a process based approach rather than one focused on outcomes. Training is just training and your “WHY” is the most important thing to remember when riding all the highs and lows that come with competitive lifting.

If you would like to contact Mike on Power Lifting you can reach out to him on Instagram @ma_power_


EP 7: Paul Howey – Atlanta Braves AAA Strength & Conditioning (CSCS, LMT)

Paul Howey is Strength & Conditioning coach currently with the Atlanta Braves organization and is also a licensed Massage Therapist. Paul has a Masters degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science and began his career as a strength coach in professional baseball with an internship with the Washington Nationals. He then went on to work with the Seattle Mariners prior to his current role with the Atlanta Braves.

In this episode we dive deep into the process of working with professional baseball players and how communication is vital between the front office, coaches, team doctors, therapists, and anyone else involved with player development.

Paul also discusses some of his training philosophies and the challenges that he enjoys working with professional athletes. If you’re a player, coach, or trainer involved with baseball, you can contact Paul at phowey99@gmail.com. and can ask him anything about baseball player development.

EP 6: Coaching w Dr. Michael Norwood Sports Performance and Performance Psychology

Dr. Norwood is a personal trainer and Performance Psychologist based out of San Diego, CA. He earned his doctorate at the University of Kansas where he served as Director of Peak Performance Institute.

In this episode Dr. Norwood talks about his expertise in Sports Psychology and how coaches can do a better job of communicating and building a culture within their team. Getting to know your athletes and knowing what makes them tick is of the most important traits for a coach.

In this episode we dive deep into the meaning of coaching. If you’d like to contact Dr. Norwood you can email him at peakperformacepro@protonmail.com

EP 5: Functional Training w Mike Gee ATC – CEES

Mike Gee is an Injury Prevention, Recovery and Performance Expert who is the founder of Pro Fit Solutions and ACM 360 Pro. He is also an author and speaker who dedicates his life to teaching trainers and sharing his wealth of knowledge with exercise science. In this episode Mike shares his experiences with injuries and chronic pain and how he came about becoming a Corrective Exercise Specialist.

In his early years he began his career getting involved with Athletic Training, only to discover missing gaps in the methods on how the health and wellness industry approaches injury and pain. Mike also goes in depth for what he believes “Functional Training “ actually means and how the industry should do a better job when training all populations.

As a developer of ACM 360 Pro, he also goes into the philosophy of the program and how any trainer can use corrective methods to provide greater results for training clients.



Email: Mike@ACM360PRO.com

EP 4: Exercise Therapy of KC w Travis Perret

Travis Perret was born and raised in Kansas and studied at KU with a focus in Pre-Physical Therapy. After some time, he applied to the Egoscue Method Clinic based out of San Diego, CA. After spending 7 years of training and learning under Pete Egoscue, Travis decided to come back to Kansas City and open his own clinic, Exercise Therapy of Kansas City.

20 years later Travis has helped countless people who deal with chronic pain learn how to move and improve their posture by applying his methods. Travis is also an author with an Amazon Best Seller for Chronic Pain titled “Pain Free Life”.

To purchase Travis’ book, here’s a link to it on Amazon

To contact Travis, here’s a link to his website where you can learn more about his clinic and the programs available.